Maple Cream Vinaigrette


I like to cook.  And I love to grill.  But when it is hot and humid I want nothing to do with either of those.  Salad tends to be my go to meal on those unbearably sticky days. I consider myself lucky to be at five different farmers' markets a week - I'm usually able to procure a bag of salad mix, lettuce, or spinach before it is all sold out.  And now that carrots, cucumbers, and radishes are readily available at all of the markets I attend, my salads not only taste amazing, they also look pretty.  I can even score some tasty croutons from Houghton Farm at a few of the farmers markets. This time of year my salads are mouthwatering (how many people can actually say that about salad!).  I am, though, somewhat picky about the dressing.  I am not a fan of heavier dressings and I do not want something that will overpower the garden fresh tastes.  I had often contemplated making my own dressing, but I thought it would be so time consuming and thus never tried.  My dear friend Rebecca, of Holland Homestead Farm (, came up with this fantastic vinaigrette recipe that is both delicious and easy to make. 

Confession: I was skeptical about this at first. I had never made my own dressing. I thought mincing shallots and the prep to put this together would take forever.  I was wrong. It was simple and quick.
I am one for shortcuts - anything that will save time and make things easier.  I do usually "cheat" and purchase lemon infused olive oil from Your Kitchen Store ( since I do not often use lemon juice for anything else and squeezing lemons is a step I would like to avoid. Luckily, I do know a few places where I can get my hands on some award winning pure maple cream (
Still not convinced this is quick enough to make with your busy schedule? That's ok too.  We do sell the vinaigrette already made at our local farmers' markets! Find us at Fresh Chicks Local Outdoor Market in Peterborough, NH; The Farmers' Market of Keene in Keene, NH; Peterborough Farmer's Market in Peterborough, NH; and Hinsdale Farmer's Market in Hinsdale, NH.

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