Weather Obsessed

This time of year we tend to check the weather a little obsessively.  Yes, we like to know what to expect for the next couple days, whether a storm is coming, what we will have to deal with.  With the cold weather and many of us with cabin fever, we are hoping for sun and soaring temps.  I could now care less about the amounts of snow we will get, unless it's a few feet and I have to go out and clear off the mainline. My main reason as of late to check the forecast constantly, even a month out, is because I am ready for sugaring.  When I say I am ready it just means I want to boil.  I've got the itch.  It has come to be one of my most favorite things to do, and there is only a short time frame in which I can. And, I want to use my new drill I got for Christmas.  We still have a lot to do before we are "ready."  We are in the process of getting a dry line put up, we have a few taps on the new 3/16" tubing to get out, and possibly adding more taps in another section of woods.  We are by no means "ready" to tap and boil.  I just want to.  Last year I would have been more worried about the weather for work reasons.  What would the conditions be for delivering the mail?  I still worry about that for my husband's sake, but I am more concerned about when the temps are going to raise enough, consistently, so we can start making syrup.  I'm ready for some sun and 40 degree temps.  It's hard being in an industry that is dependent upon the weather.  So, Mother Nature, what do you say?  Please don't let us have to wait too much longer!

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