Through the Looking Glass


I suppose I should state how this whole maple thing started....
I first laid eyes on my (now) husband through the window I had in the office where I worked.  The window was great, and was probably the reason (other than my friends) why I lasted so long in the job. When the sun hit just right, people couldn't see in and would use the window as a mirror - adjusting their clothes and hair, applying makeup, picking their nose - you name it, we saw it. People would walk by all day long, posing a distraction at first, but you learned to block it out until something really grabs your attention from the corner of your eye.  The mailman was one of those distractions.  Cute, kind eyes, and a nice smile - it was lust at first sight (cuz can it really be love if you don't even know them yet?). To make a long story shorter, it took a few months of smiling and waving to each other through the window to finally give me the courage I needed to go outside and talk to him.  I saved my mail to bring out with me (I needed an excuse) and had planned out exactly how I would introduce myself and what I would say.  That day seemed to go ever so slowly.  The time finally came and the cute mailman came to the collection box that was located conveniently outside our office windows.  I ran outside so as not to miss him (I needed my bills to be mailed out).  I handed him my mail and then the worst thing happened - he spoke first.
"Hi, I'm Mark. What's your name?"  I froze.  My plan unraveling as I looked down to my name tag. "Umm, Kati." We exchanged a few more words and then he handed me his card for his maple business.  I scored his number, so I hadn't completely blown it.  I debated calling that night, but you are supposed to wait, right?  The next three days were complete agony and, at the time, were the longest three days of my life.  And then I finally called. We ended up having a few conversations and I became the luckiest girl in the world. Our first "date" was in the sugar house.  It was cold and fun.  I would bring coffee and in turn get to sample the delicious syrup, candy, and - my favorite - maple cream. Sugaring became a passion we shared.  I loved it from the start.  That first season we bought sap.  Mark and his dad had built the sugar house in 2005, but he had yet to tap the trees in the area.  That next summer right up to sugaring was spent in the woods putting up wire, main line, and tubing.  Getting all aspects of sugaring, not just the fun of boiling and consuming, made me love and appreciate it so much more.  After a few career changes, I am now producing and promoting our premium maple products full time at farmers markets and other events in the area.  I truly love my "job."  It's so rewarding to be able to do something you love and are passionate about. I have been thinking back to our "how we met" recently. I am appreciative for the arduous journey of life that got me to this point - and so grateful for that office window.

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  • Carol Delafontaine says...

    NOW I know Mark’s and yours meeting for the first time. How romantic. Mark is so LUCKY that you and Gabriella came into his life and now we are related!

    On March 14, 2015

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